GuildMag issue #8




Poetry submissions by Unraveled

The Dream

An alien face, yet not so it seemed
Peeked shyly forth, eyes verdantly green
With wonder I watched as the forest drew breath
Then stepped into the glade a creature of myth

Like a tendril unfolding, the creature approached
With footfall as soft as a leaf to the earth
Clad of the forest, of field and of grove
I regarded the creature and slowly arose

Aglow with strange light, to my face a hand raised
Cool fingers touched softly and the creature exclaimed
I mirrored the gesture and cried out in kind
We stood as though timeless, her eyes locked with mine

The glade slowly darkened as shadows embraced
Time now remembered, our reverie ceased
She returned to the forest and faded from view
I fell to my knees, observed by the moon

“What manner of being?” I cried at the trees
Soft whispered the wind

The Forge

Wrought of war and seared by flame
Undone by lies and a mad king's reign
Bowing to nothing, we stand on our own
Carving our future, reclaiming our home

Branded by dragon and haunted by wraith
Beseiged and beseigers, driven by hate
Victory wrested by tooth and by claw
Iron, Ash, Blood - we are charr
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