GuildMag issue #8



GamesCom Roundup

Amazing. That’s what we would like to call our experience with Guild Wars 2 in one word. From when we tried the first demo last year till the one we experienced this year, Guild Wars 2 has proven to us that it can change the way MMORPGs work. From those in our team that had the opportunity to travel to such a convention and experience the game itself, we only heard the same kind of response. Obviously there are some of you who couldn’t make it to any of the conventions. For you, but also for those who could only play the demo once, we tried to capture as many of our own experiences on camera so that you can still enjoy some of the fun that could be had during the conventions. Do not fear, as this year we packed out big! This special is packed with interviews, hands-on impressions, videos, lots of screenshots and more! Let’s get started!


Community Interview with Colin Johanson ... n-johanson

Lore Interview with Ree Soesbee

PvP Interview with Jon Peters

PvP Map Design Interview with Tirzah Bauer

Not done with PvP? Neither were we! On recommendations of Jon Peters we went and asked Tirzah on her domain of interest – map design! Want to know more about map design, how it’s balanced and looked at from a design perspective, then check this one out! ... -interview


GamesCom Chats

While Jonny and myself handled more professional interviews with our camcorder equipment, Arghore had the chance to chat with almost every ArenaNet employee that was present at GamesCom. From Colin Johanson to Tirzah Bauer and Randy Price to Kekai Kotaki, this series is bound to cover any topic of interest regarding Guild Wars 2.

GamesCom Chat Series - Part 1

GamesCom Chat Series - Part 2

GamesCom Chat Series - Part 3

Hands-on impressions

GamesCom Pre-Show Hands-On Guild Wars 2

I was quite surprised when, a week before GamesCom started, I found an invite in my mailbox to attend a pre-show of Guild Wars 2. During the pre-show I was told all kinds of nice tibits, like that quivers are definitely being looked into and probably will be part of Guild Wars 2. I also had the chance to be one of the first to try the demo and you can read about my experience in our article. ... escom-2011

4 Years in the Making: Finally Playing Guild Wars 2 – Eurogamer Expo

Next to GamesCom, we also had a presence at the Eurogamer Expo. Daelin Dwin came back from the expo to give us his own first hands-on impression of how the game played. In this hands-on experience he takes a look at both the humans and sylvari, playing as a warrior and a thief!


Human Videos

Human Territory Tour

Charr Videos

Charr Intro Cinematic

Charr Tutorial

Ruins of Rin

Charr Territory Tour + Gameplay Part 1

Charr Territory Tour + Gameplay Part 2

Charr Territory Tour + Gameplay Part 3

Charr Personal Story Part 1

Charr Personal Story Part 2

Charr Personal Story Part 3

Asura Videos

Asura Guardian Gameplay (Focus on ingame sound)

Asura Thief Gameplay

Asura Guardian Gameplay

Player versus Player

PvP Walkthrough

PvP Match: Two Perspectives

Dutch Sunshine’s Perspective:

Nightshade’s Special’s Perspective:

PvP Walkthrough (with a focus on Ingame Sound!)

Costumisation and others

Human Customisation & Charr Engineer

Human & Charr Customisation

Dye system

Guild Wars 2 ESL Booth

Wildstar Impression Interview

Screenshots Gallery Discussions

At GamesCom we received a press package with lots of awesome screenshots - Draxynnic examined all screenshots and made a series of Screenshot Analyses out of them all.

GamesCom Screenshots: Characters
Gamescom Screenshots: Combat
GamesCom Screenshots: The Black Citadel ... ck-citadel
GamesCom Screenshots: Dungeons
GamesCom Screenshots: Lion's Arch
GamesCom Screenshots: Miscellaneous
GamesCom Screenshots: Wetland Glade
GamesCom Screenshots: PvP
GamesCom Screenshots: Tequatl the Sunless ... he-sunless
GamesCom Screenshots: Underwater
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