GuildMag issue #8



Mercenary Heroes winners!

We've received dozens of amazing entries into our Mercenary Heroes Contest in the last issue, but sadly enough we only got four codes to give away. After our internal vote we found the next four entries stand out the most to our personal liking. Below you can read why these heroes thought that they were deemed to become a mercenary hero!



I have to… introduce myself, it seems. You will keep this information to yourself. My name is Fuuka Kirijo. It’s a flowery name courtesy of my Japanese mother. … She trained me in brush painting and tea ceremony as well as the hidden arts. In other words, she trained me to become an assassin. My guildies call me “Micro.” If you must know, “Micro” is short for “Microraptor.” I like to think it’s because I’m fast, vicious and always wear a suitable color: gray. I suspect, however, that they’re mostly ribbing me about being short. Some days it’s hard not to stab them. Need more information? Shiro of the Jade Wind died by my hand and I own his blades as proof, though Deldrimor daggers are my work tools of choice. I’ve even killed a god. So, if you were thinking of hiring Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support, you’re headed in the wrong direction. I’m a hundred times more flexible and far more durable. Get yourself the real thing. Hire me. --- I catch every target that I am assigned. The only one who continues to elude me:



I have spent the last 5 years apart from my love. Whenever I arrive at a town, it is only to learn that she has just left. Hearing the tales of her journey is simultaneously joy and torture. I am always elated to hear that she is alive and well, but I can only barely suppress my jealousy of the others she adventures with. She has become the elusive word always at the tip of my tongue and I desperately wish to speak her. I would give anything to smash through this mysterious barrier keeping us apart so that I could travel at her side.



The humiliation! "Mesmers can't get in parties" they'd say. "Take the Ele" advise others. "Oh no, NOT a Mesmer!" wailed one party member. Well, I may have been the last of the 10 classes added to my master's account, but FINALLY he realized the best profession in the game was ME, Mesmerelda Mindburn, Mesmer extraordinaire!! Distorter of visions, befuddler of thoughts, interrupter of all! Even though I've completed EVERY Guild Wars campaign in my short lifetime my master is still a slow learner. When it came to dishing out the Mercenary roles, what does he do? Oh yes, he takes care of the Holy Trinity... Merc Tank, Merc Healer and that annoying Merc Elementalist! Empathy, Blackout, Power Block and that threesome become nothing more than minion fodder. Oh please kind Sirs, I beseech you, bestow upon me the Mercenary honor so I may show my powers in a manner befitting this wonderous profession! Please don't make me wait until Guild Wars 2 to have my revenge on the Holy Trinity Yours most sincerely, Mesmerelda Mindburn



The Mad King demands that I enter that contest. He will eat all of my pudding if I don't obey! My precious dessert will be gone without a merchenary hero! If I had just one merchenary hero I could get his pudding instead... By Grenths gallbladder, I will enter this contest and win!



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