GuildMag issue #8



On The Tube With Daelin Dwin: Music Special

The music composed by Jeremy Soule for all four Guild Wars games is undeniably awesome, so awesome that I chose four videos containing some of my favourite covers of Soule's phat beatz.




"Overture from Eye of the North" | Guild Wars: Eye of the North by BranShew7
My personal favourite Bran Shew arrangement of that ever so familiar Eye of the North Overture.


Guild Wars - Temple of Tolerance by Randolf92
An interesting take on a classic Prophecies tune.


Guild Wars - Crystal Oasis by NightShader1
Another classic Prophercies tune recreated via piano playing goodness.


Play! A Video Game Symphony Live! 12 - Guild Wars (Live) by ValiantTerra
An orchestrated take on the four Guild Wars game themes.




I hope you enjoyed this month's musical romp. If you think there is a video or channel that should be featured here, feel free to e-mail me at or private message me on YouTube at

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